Siobhan Carroll @braevemama

Siobhan Carroll


36 but feel older, act younger. Live in the DC ‘burbs. From NJ so I will hurt you if provoked. Married. Three adorable little girls and a cat. I have depression, but it doesn’t have me, and I fight it with an arsenal of wry wit, a sense of irony, Lexapro and mid-priced wine.

Liberal, atheist but with notes of leftover Catholicism. Fiercely loyal. Defender of Napping, Dessert and Other Indulgences. Hater of Hypocrisy. Believer that life is lived in the large gray area between two narrow strips of black and white, and we are all navigating it as best we can.

I love to read, hate to solve for x. I have a shortish attention span. I love to travel and don’t get to do so nearly enough. I’m a pretty good mom but working on it. My daughters teach me how to be better every day.

I also blog about feminist issues and politics at Women Rise Up Now: http://womenriseupnow.wordpress.com/?s=siobhan+carroll

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